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What is the Wikimedia Toolserver?
The Wikimedia Toolserver is a collaborative platform providing Unix hosting for various software tools written by and used for Wikimedia editors. The service is operated by Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. with assistance from the Wikimedia Foundation.
How can I become a user on the Toolserver?
Interested people may request access to the server by following the instructions at Account approval process.
What servers are used to collaborate the Toolserver and its operations? What software does each server run?
See servers for a complete list of hardware and software used by the Toolserver.
What bots on the Toolserver are active participants of Wikimedia wikis?
Please see the (incomplete) list of bots at List of Wikimedia bots.
What do all of the bots idling in #wikimedia-toolserver do?
See the list of the bots and their main purposes at IRC bots.
Where can I view all of the Toolserver users and how can I contact them?
The list of current Toolserver account users can be viewed here, and you can contact them by e-mailing <username>@toolserver.org or by leaving a message on their local wiki.
Where can I view all of the available tools and their functionalities?
Sorry, but you can't.
How can I search the Toolserver for a particular tool?
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