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This page is obsolete and is kept primarily for historical interest. The previous contents of this page are available in the page history.

The stable server provides a stable environment for stable tools. It is currently still in testing phase. Users should see Using the stable server for more information. For the general Toolserver see the Main Page.

People write important, widely used tools. The stable Toolserver should solve 2 problems with the regular Toolserver.

  1. Projects on the stable server should be maintained by more than 1 person. This will make the chance that a tool becomes unmaintained less likely. (Note: for established projects run by long-standing users, this requirement can be relaxed if a second maintainer can't be found immediately.)
  2. Projects on the stable server are supposed to be stable. This reduces the chance that one broken tool breaks the whole server.

The stable server is not a place to experiment with new tools. Tools should first be developed and tested on the regular Toolserver before being moved to the stable server. A project on the stable server needs at least two maintainers.

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